Cakes by Kim NY

Designer custom cakes and more!

Signature Cakes

If you are looking for a beautiful buttercream cake for your event, these cakes are for you!


All signature cakes are made to order and done in buttercream icing.  You just have to choose which design, cake flavor and filling and what colors you would like to go with to coordinate with your event! 


You can add a custom fondant plaque or banner to any of these! (+$5)

Signature Styles


Rosette Cake- covered in buttercream rosettes all around


Ruffle Cake- vertical buttercream ruffles all around


Sprinkle Cake- rainbow sprinkles all over with a piped buttercream border


Polka Dot Cake- iced smooth, piped buttercream borders, fondant polka dots


Classic Buttercream- Iced smooth, piped buttercream borders on top and bottom of cake  


Push Texture- Horizontal push texture buttercream all around 


Rustic Buttercream- unfinished look, pushed buttercream around 


Signature Cake Pricing


6" cake (serves 8-10) $30


8" cake (serves 14-20) $55


10" cake (serves 20-26) $75 


*For some examples of Signature Buttercream cake click here for album Photo Gallery